President: Jessica Green

Jessica is a senior Economics major and Social Justice minor at Baylor. She enjoys long rants on the beach, progressing the "liberal agenda," and furthering her pop culture knowledge. She has served as an officer of Baylor Democrats for 4 semesters and her greatest accomplishment is the relationships she has built in Waco and on campus.

Vice President: Alana Santos

Alana is a senior Sociology major at Baylor. She likes bad pop music, binge watching Glee, and being the bougiest person you've ever met. She has proudly served as Vice President of Baylor Democrats for two semesters and looks forward to slaying the graduate school game after graduation. 

Treasurer: Armand Chavez

Armand is a junior Economics and Finance major at Baylor. He has been a master of subtle humor, hustlin', and judging your music taste since 1997. You can find him in some dark corner of Moody library running numbers most nights. He has been serving the Baylor Democrats with his organization and strategy since he was a freshman. 

Public Relations Chair: Valerie Hernandez

Valerie is a senior Psychology major at Baylor, and she spends most of her time analyzing everything you have ever known and held dear (basically like Sherlock Holmes). When she is not serving you with hair flips and bomb dance moves, she is educating the masses with her social media presence. She has been serving Baylor Democrats with her wisdom for the last two semesters. 

Social Chair: Jake Bridges

Jake is a sophomore Statistics major at Baylor. When he is not analyzing trends, he is killing it with the dad jokes, dropping truth bombs, and going to sleep before 11 pm. If you are looking for a man who has his life together, he is your guy. Jake has been an officer of Baylor Democrats for two semesters. 

Community Chair: Laith L. M.

Laith is a senior Neuroscience major at Baylor. He likes "cracking open a cold one with the boys" (if cold ones were fidget spinners), being literally the most enthusiastic person in the room, and spending too much time on YouTube. You may find him in the library, but he is never actually studying because he just knows everything somehow. This is Laith's first semester as an officer of Baylor Democrats.